Security First Baptist Church LIFTs UP JOYHOUSE again!

The JoyHouse Garage sale was a great success! People from several churches donated all the goods and Security First Baptist did everything else. It is amazing to see the members of this wonderful church out in the country come together and make things happen.

On Friday even with the con-sistant showers more than $1700.00 was raised.

God let us see that regardless of rain or shine HE is able. So much was donated and it takes a lot of time to set up and tear down. Johnny Beall camped on site overnight so the items could be left out. It is amazing the willingness of God's people to put themselves out for others.

On Saturday the weather was fantastic, even too hot and muggy for some (me), but the customers were steady. One wonderful lady and her family came in and found a book called "10 Prayers God Answers" with $62 in it. She hurried and brought the money to Terry at the check out. Terry thanked her for turning in the money. The lady responded "God is watching".

Jeremiah was with us during the last part of the sale. We stayed as late as we could and Terry updated the totals as they came in. Sunday morning on my way to Christ the King, I recieved a text that said the 2 day total was $3165.00. This is the address of the JoyHouse. It is so neat how God makes sure that we know from where our provision comes. The fact that the number was the same as the house number was like a big hug from God. When it was all said and done the total ended up being even more, $3305.73

GOD is behind the JoyHouse!