What a wonderful weekend!

"Ark the community" returned to the JoyHouse and sproused things up once again. It is so great to feel the LOVE of the LORD through these compassionate people. God is so awesome!

We were also blessed by Big Lots who invited us to do our Snow Cone fundraiser. Security First Baptist Church was right there pitching in and being supportive as they always are! Blue bubble gum was the favorite flavor of the day as you can see by all the blue smiles!

We did not raise a lot of funds this weekend but we connected with people and handed out a lot of flyers.

We met so many different individuals today. Some were preachers, others teachers from the local schools, graphic designers offering their talents, CPS workers, young mothers and old grandmas thanking us for what we are doing.

It was so amazing to arrive back at the JoyHouse after such a long day, to find things so different and wonderful. Most of the trim has been painted and there is a new wall and cool new chalk board to write on.

Thank you!

What a fantastic weekend!